Face à la montée en puissance du Coronavirus au Liban, les hôpitaux sont totalement saturés et certains transforment leur parking en lieu de soin. La population ne peut accéder au minimum de soin et l’assistance respiratoire devient un luxe.
Afin d’éviter les morts dus à un simple manque d’Oxygène. Energis Libani et Société Saint Vincent de Paul au Liban lancent un appel à générosité pour acheter des appareils mobiles qui pourront être mis à la disposition des personnes atteintes.

With more than 110,000 active COVID-19 cases, and a high rate of daily new cases and an increasing mortality rate even after 3 weeks of lockdown, the people of Lebanon are suffering.

Hospitals are full, and their parking lots have been transformed into place of care & oxygen generator are out of stock.

And after the financial crisis and the Beirut Port explosion, the unemployment rate is at its highest rate the Lebanese people can barely have access to their basic needs and medications, breathing assistance becomes a luxury.

Help the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul – Lebanon provides and distribute oxygen generators to the people in need all over the country.

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul – Lebanon:

Founded in Beirut Lebanon (1860), it legally exercises its activities under the declaration registered at ministry of interior, # 545 dated July 19, 1923.

The mission is to provide assistance to the poorer and supply them with their most urgent needs.

Gathered in 50 Conferences (2020) all over Lebanon, volunteers and members (men, women and youth) share their time and energy to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged people all around Lebanon.

Ever since, it has been cited as an example of dedication and transparency and renowned by the love it spreads around; this is the core of the Vincentian mission. 

For more info about SSVPLB: stvincentlb.org

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